Since I just created a website here on WordPress, why not take the opportunity to start blogging?
Well, my first post is about the reason why I decided to create this site.

Recently, I was struggling with the whole classic dilemma every artist goes through: “Who am I as an artist?”, mostly because I tend to try various kinds of art-forms, only to find that I have some skill in most of them but not enough to be REALLY good at any (at least to my standards).
Of course I was split between choosing one skill for the rest of my life and becoming AWESOME at it, and doing different things and being mediocre for far too long.


Seriously, it was useless. I found that I was escaping from what I truly like to do: Have cool ideas and translating them to the art-form that best suits them, be it music, illustration, animation, paper toys or even board games! (At least for now)

That’s why I created this site, so that I can have one single place to dump all my stuff on, regardless of what kind of stuff it is.

So, next time you’re struggling with something like that, stop thinking about what you should be doing going forward, and start looking at what you’ve been doing naturally until now. Maybe the answer lies there.

Cheers ^^