Yeah, so I just realized that the last year (2014) has been my gap year, and I didn’t even intended it to be.
Last year, at the end of my last job, I thought I was gonna try to create a business around my art.

Little did I know of what would be ahead…


Apparently, I tried almost every form of art available to me: Music, Illustration, 3D, Animation, Board Games, Video Games, even Papercraft! Needless to say that I was obviously lost and the year has gone to waste… or has it?

At the end of the year I tried making music again… and suddenly I was having (a lot of) fun again. Time was flying by and I was genuinely happier.
After trying different things, i’ve settled for one. Doesn’t that look like the definition of a gap year? It sure does to me.

Now, what does that mean for the future? Glad you asked.

I’m gonna focus entirely on music for the time being, sell royalty-free music through stock sites and try to do some music freelance.
I’ve updated the site to match, so you can check it out and give some feedback and share it with anyone that you think might be interested.

So, wish me luck on this adventure and tag along to see how it all turns out.
Cheers ^^