by Pedro Silvestre Rodrigues

You are NOT what you do

I want to ask you something important. I want you to think for a moment about who you are.

No, I’m not asking what’s your job, or what you like to do in your free time.
I’m asking you who you are.

It’s pretty hard to separate the two, isn’t it?

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How to see the “big picture”

A blank canvas. The mortal enemy of so many artists. Some of them hate it, most of them fear it so much that they give up.

Here’s the thing: the problem isn’t the canvas (or whatever medium your art manifests on) being blank, the problem is your MIND being blank.

Now you may be OK with waiting for inspiration to strike every single time you want to start a piece, but if you’re tired of waiting, I’ve got some tips for you:

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Unexpected Gap Year

Yeah, so I just realized that the last year (2014) has been my gap year, and I didn’t even intended it to be.
Last year, at the end of my last job, I thought I was gonna try to create a business around my art.

Little did I know of what would be ahead…

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A (rather obvious) tip on taking action

This one is a quicky.

Let’s face it, far too many times we think we should do this or that and never do. Sometimes we even try to figure out what we could do that would make us feel truly fulfilled.

Well I tend to use a little something on those occasions.

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Finding your artist self… maybe

Since I just created a website here on WordPress, why not take the opportunity to start blogging?
Well, my first post is about the reason why I decided to create this site.

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